We, Wu, Hsu and Chen Attorneys at law, founded by Mr. S. L. Wu in 1993, provide a full range of civil and commercial legal services with a concentration on intellectual property practice.


Our founder, Mr. Wu, has been pursued the legal profession for more than 40 years. He had served for the bench as a Chief Justice in Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung District Court and Tainan Superior Court in Taiwan.  After resignation from Tainan Superior Court, Mr. Wu formed this firm in Taipei and was later joined by Mr. Chi Wu, Mr. David Y. C. Hsu and Mr. Wen-Yuan Chen.  Although we began with strengths in civil and criminal law practice, which has been our substantial part of our integrated legal service, we have expanded our service to intellectual property area in response to the international trend and ROCs economic development. Under the leadership of Mr. Wu, together with the teamwork from Mr. Chi Wu, Mr. David Y. C. Hsu and Irene Pan, the three attorneys and patent attorneys, we expect to provide you with prompt and comprehensive legal services.


We have established our data and information system to serve the function of computerized collection and indexing of legal data and information, including Legal Information Indexing System, ROC Trademark Indexing System and ROC Patent Indexing System. The installation of computerized collection and indexing system enables us to streamline the procedure in rendering our legal services and avoid possible causal errors.


We have extensive experience in handling a wide variety of civil and criminal litigations, administrative disputes, contract drafting, review and negotiation, merger and acquisitions and legal consultancy for year terms. In our intellectual property right practice, we undertake patent, trademark and copyright registration, investigation and resolution of disputes to trade secret and intellectual property infringement litigation for our international and domestic clients. We have not only taken charge of every substantive and procedural details in each registration and litigation case, but have also developed an overall strategy and provided practical advice to our clients as to the best resolution they can pursue. We believe that our philosophy and teamwork approach can ensure our clients satisfaction with our performance.