Taiwan (ROC)
Trademark / Service Mark

Minimum Requirements for Obtaining a Filing Date

(Convention applications must be filed within 6 months of the earliest priority date)


1.      Applicant's name, address, nationality and State of incorporation (if appropriate)

2.      Chinese name being used by applicant in Taiwan / China, if any

3.      Specimen of device (logo), stylized mark or details of word mark

4.      For colour marks, 20 formal specimens (not faxed and in full colour)

5.      If priority claimed, applicant, date, number, country of filing and the certified copy of priority application

6.      List of Goods or Services to be protected and, preferably, their International Classification(s)

7.      Power of Attorney download, signed by the applicant

8.      Certificate of Corporation download, signed by the applicant

9.      Declaration download, signed by the applicant